Saturday, 28 December 2013


CD - Moments in the Mind

Biological networks are interdependent and densely connected like a neural net. It seems like all things share a common architecture.


Chameleon on a Mirror

CD - Moments in the Mind

What color would a chameleon on a mirror change to? This question is a theoretical exercise in discussing feedback dynamics which have a role in iterative systems. These dynamics perhaps have some bearing on the emergence of consciousness and other novel behavior from a grey lump of neural matter.

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CD - Moments in the Mind

One strange behavior of the mind is inner conflict. The capacity for reason allows conflicting ideas to emerge from the same mind - even ideas that are unliked and unwanted by that same mind.

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Mind's I

CD - Moments in the Mind

Introductory song about the concept of each of us being an individual mind in relation to the existence of others. Mostly instrumental with lyrics and voice starting a few minutes into the song.

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Shape of Dreams

CD - Tales of Twilight

Long song about a vague world of geometric planes and how they might lead to something. Sort of inspired by Flatland by Adwin Abbott Abbott.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Mythos - Encyclopedia Terra Part 2

I have a song in my collection by a German band called Mythos.* They were from the Krautrock scene and their first two albums, Mythos and Dreamlab are generally regarded as their best. On the first album, there is a track called Encyclopedia Terra which has the spoken word account shown below. The combination of music and story as featured in this piece appeals to me.

A long time ago there was a man who didn't want to live in this world of killing and fighting anymore.

Fully convinced that mankind would improve and become more peaceful during its evolution, and being a man of genius, he built a machine which would enable him to sleep as in death.

A hundred years later, the machine was supposed to wake him, at which time he hoped to find a better world. One that would be worth living in.

One hundred years past.

The machine awoke the man. But although nearly everything had changed, mankind hadn't.

So the man returned to his machine, and kept returning to it until the thirty-second time, when he awoke to find that there was no more life on earth.

There was no bird in the sky, no fish in the sea, no tree, and no flower. Man had killed all the plants, the animals, and at last even himself, leaving the earth a dead ball in the universe.

Seeing this, the man sat down on the bleak ground and tears ran down his cheeks. His lungs inhaled the deadly air and darkness closed in about him as he followed all the others to a place of no fighting and no killing, no grief, no envy, and no sorrow.

Would you like to know the name of this place?

It's called Eternity and the only gate you must pass through to enter it, the one that separates life and death.

Encyclopedia Terra Part 2

(Different from the Canadian electronic / dance music band.) 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Great Race

CD - Tales of Twilight

If I recall correctly, this song was inspired by the July 1994 issue of Discover magazine which commemorated the 25th Anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing. The article also discussed the current and future state of NASA (as regarded from the mid-90's).

In the article there were several pictures of the original infrastructure built up to support the historic Apollo missions to the moon. By 1994, the launch pad, deflectors, control tower, and other critical structures were empty and abandoned.

The whole idea struck me as strange. These structures were part of a program that captured a country's efforts and the world's interest for several years. This was the hub of everything for a while. To see it all relegated to the status of a derelict ruin seemed profound somehow.

The song mentions those who were 'gods of the sky'; those who for a time, were on the world's center stage. I'm sure there were other deep thoughts buried in this song, but it's probably best to absorb the song on the merits of how it sounds to the listener. You can make your own deep thoughts if you want.